Diesel Oil Change

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Oil Change

Diesel Oil Change

Maintain your vehicle’s oil regularly. If you change your oil regularly, you will improve fuel economy by extending the life of the engine in your vehicle. Clean oil reduces wear caused by friction between moving parts, removes dirt and grime from the engine, and improves fuel economy as well.

Just like gasoline engines, diesel engines require oil that provides lubrication, heat disbursement, and cleaning qualities. However, diesel engines produce different emissions byproducts, so these oils require a different additive package and viscosity level. Just like gas engines, diesel engines need conventional and synthetic oils. It is easiest to identify the correct oil for your vehicle by checking your owner’s manual or consulting Lube Fx.

High Mileage Express Oil Change - Coupons

Get your high Mileage express oil change that is designed for vehicles with over 120,000kms. We know that engines over 120,000kms need to be treated differently than engines with lower kms. Why? Because over time, mechanical parts in high mileage engines tend to wear down quicker and require a more focused oil treatment plan than vehicles with fewer kms. That is why we recommend high mileage oil. High Mileage oil is a blend of conventional & synthetic oils with a little more anti-burning, cooling, and cleaning detergents to help promote better protection in engines that have a little more kms.
Oil Change
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